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In Bed with Douglas Mawson

Departing Hobart on a seven-week voyage onboard the RSV Aurora Australia, Craig Cormick is fulfilling a long-time dream to visit the frozen continent of Antarctica - an adventure to one of the few under-discovered regions of the world.

As they navigate through the wild Southern Ocean and explore the icy coastline of Antarctica continent, he muses about the great explorer and geologist Douglas Mawson. Mawson's ill-fates, but scientifically successful, Australian Antarctic Expedition sailed from Hobart in 1911, as Scott and Amundsen were embarking on their race tot he South Pole.

Visiting the three Australian bases, with Mawson's ghost at this side, Craig Cormick describes the exhilaration of seeing his first iceberg, climbing a mountain on the antarctic plateau, flying in a helicopter of the Vestfold Hills, photographing Adelie penguins, seeing the spectacular Aurora Australia in the sky, smelling elephant seals and discovering the mysteries of 'crap and wrap' field toilets.

In Bed with Mawson is a humorous and thoughtful exploration of the enduring spirit of discovery, adventure and comradeship around Antarctica.

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