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Geoscience Australia Antarctic Feature Articles

Three articles on Antarctica feature in AusGeo News 104 monthly magazine.

Cape Denison was selected by Mawson as the location for his main expedition base. Our article describes the area's landforms and geology and includes the most recent age determinations for the main rock types. The current reconstructions of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana place this area adjacent to the coast of South Australia prior to rifting and the dismemberment of Gondwana.

There is also an article on the investigation of the impact on marine ecosystems of the break-up of the Mertz Glacier ice shelf following a collision with a massive iceberg in February 2010. The region is one of the 'biological hotspots' of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystem and was the focus of a joint survey in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic Division. The survey will help answer some key questions relating to ocean acidification and change in marine ecosystems as well as the protection of marine biodiversity.

Virtual globes have increased in popularity since the first online offerings in 2004–05. Our article outlines the development of Geoscience Australia's 3D Data Viewer and its increasing use to provide stakeholders with access to a growing number of the agency's national and regional datasets.

To read the full articles and other articles click on this AusGeo link.

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