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AAE centenary celebrated by Australia Post

Walter Henry Hannam stampAustralia Post is commemorating the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition with the latest issue of stamps in its four-part series.

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Conference to be held in Hobart in June 2013

The Australian Antarctic Division and Antarctica New Zealand's joint Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Conference will be held in Hobart in June 2013.

Royal Australian Mint - Sir Douglas Mawson Coin

The Royal Australian Mint's Inspirational Australians series commemorates people who have made an extraordinary contribution to our society. In 2012, the series celebrates the life of Sir Douglas Mawson.

Mawson the Musical

In 2012 it will be 100 years since Mawson left the Antarctic base to lead the ill-fated Far Eastern Sledging expedition. Mawson the Musical, written by Jeff Bonnor provides schools with drama scripts based on an Antarctic theme.

1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica

The rivalry between Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen is a familiar story; what fewer people know is that, in 1912, five separate teams were exploring beyond the limits of the known world: Scott for Britain, Amundsen for Norway, Mawson for Australasia, Filchner for Germany and Shirase for Japan.

Southern Light: Images from Antarctica - Hobart

This collection of outstanding landscape and wildlife photographs of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic is the result of six journeys made to these southern lands by David Neilson.

The Amundsen Centenary and Huskies Picnic - 11 March 2012

In March 1912, Roald Amundsen announced, from Hobart, that he had succesfully reached the South Pole. Join us to celebrate this historic event in Hobart City, Sunday 11 March 2012 at St David's Park, Davey Street.

Geoscience Australia Antarctic Feature Articles

Geoscience Australia Aus Geo News 104 monthly magazine features three articles on  Antarctica - Cape Denison; Marine ecosystems in the Mertz Glacier region and an 'in brief' feature on Antarctic marine communities and the proposed marine protected areas.

Mawson: Blizzards and Bureaucracy

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, State Records of NSW has developed an online display about Douglas Mawson. One legacy of the expedition was the vast collection of valuable scientific data Douglas Mawson had published with the NSW State Government.

Geoscience Australia commemorative geological Cape Denison Map

Geoscience Australia mapGeoscience Australia, in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic Division, has released a commemorative geological map of Cape Denison.

Tales of the early expeditioners and the hardships they faced

How do you sum up courage, determination, will power and, above all, self belief in a few words? This collection of articles by the Sydney Morning Herald highlights the hardships faced by the early Antarctic expeditioners and shows how life in Antarctica is vastly different for today's expeditioners.

Major new exhibition dedicated to Finding Antarctica

Finding Antarctica showcases over 100 extraordinarily rare and contemporary maps from the 15th to 20th century. The exhibition includes photographs, sledging diaries, sketchbooks, oral histories and much more. Many of these exhibits have not been publicly available to be viewed before now.

Australasian Antarctic Expedition Centenary celebrated by Australia Post

Australia Post is celebrating the centenary of Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) with the release of five 60 cent stamps depicting images from the historic 1911 expedition. In line with the centenary, Australia Post will issue the stamp series every year until 2014, celebrating key moments in the AAE's experience.

Life on board The SY Aurora in the summer 1912-1913

The original diary of Stanley Gordon Roberts Taylor’s voyage as a crewman on SY Aurora to Antarctica with Sir Douglas Mawson’s 1911-1914 Australian Antarctic Exploring Expedition has recently been transcribed by descendants of Taylor's family. The voyage described is that of 1912-1913, which had gone to bring the expeditioners back to Australia.

Sir Douglas Mawson's Journey - Aerial Transmission Recovery

The Mawson's Hut Foundation has recovered the wireless aerials used by the Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson nearly 100 years ago. The foundation hopes the recovery project will educate people on Mawson's place in history. Tracey Bowden from the ABC takes up the story.

Mawson and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen

Peter FitzSimons details the story of Australia's most famous polar explorer and the giants from the heroic age of polar exploration: Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton. The book tells the staggering tale of Mawson's survival, despite all the odds, arriving back just in time to see his rescue ship disappearing over the horizon. He also masterfully interweaves the stories of the other giants from the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration - Scott of the Antarctic, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen - to bring the jaw-dropping events of this bygone era dazzlingly back to life.

The Longest Winter - Scott's Other Heroes

The intensely human story of Captain Scott and his men's miraculous survival in an ice cave is brought to life in Meredith Hooper’s gripping book which separates the parallel tragedy of Scott and his companions and allows these other heroes to take their rightful place in history. Using accounts and diaries of the men involved, Hooper lays bare not just the sickness, starvation and suffering but the ingenuity, resilience, camaraderie and discipline which helped the party survive over six months of Antarctic winter.

Douglas Mawson on Twitter

Follow Douglas Mawson on Twitter and walk in his footsteps as he embarks on his journey south to Australia and the Antarctic.

Douglas Mawson - Life of an Explorer by Lincoln Hall

With the 100th Anniversary of Douglas Mawson's expedition to Antarctica coming up in December, Lincoln Hall's Mawson biography is being re-released with new photographs and insights into his journey told from an adventurer's perspective.

In Bed with Douglas Mawson

Departing Hobart on a seven-week voyage onboard the RSV Aurora Australia, Craig Cormick's book details his adventure and provides interesting insights into Antarctica.

Celebrating 100 years of Australian Antarctic Heritage

The Hon Tony Burke MP announces plans to celebrate the centenary of the AAE.

AAE data shows Macquarie Island sea level rise today

Data collected during the Australasian Antarctic Expedition is being used to help determine sea and land level change at Macquarie Island.

Frank Hurley’s Antarctica

Frank Hurley's Antarctica book coverFrank Hurley is best known for his stunning Antarctic photographs, best showcased in Helen Ennis’ most recent book published by the National Library of Australia (2010).

The Adelie Blizzard facsimile edition published

The newspaper produced by members of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition during the winter of 1913, The Adelie Blizzard, has been published in facsimile.

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