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Historical timeline of AAE

East coast sledge journey returns 1912 – 27 November
The East coast sledge journey of Madigan, McLean and Correll returns. They reached their furthest point on 21 November 1912, and travelled a total of 180 kilometres.

Western sledge journey departs 1912 – 03 December
The western sledge journey of Bickerton, Whetter and Hodgeman departs Cape Denison.

First meteorite in Antarctica found by western sledge journey 1912 – 05 December
The first meteorite to be found in Antarctica was discovered by the western sledge journey. It measured approximately 13 x 7.5 x 9 centimetres.

Near east sledge journey departs 1912 – 09 December
The near east sledge journey of Stillwell, Hodgeman and Close departed Cape Denison.

Southern sledge journey departs 1912 – 09 December
The southern sledge journey of Bage, Webb and Hurley departs Cape Denison.

Ninnis disappears down a crevasse 1912 – 13 December
Ninnis, his sledge, dogs and supplies disappear down a crevasse 500 kilometres from Cape Denison.

Second subantarctic cruise returns 1912 – 14 December
The second subantarctic cruise returns to King's Pier, Hobart.

Southern sledge journey reach southernmost point 1912 – 21 December
The southern sledge journey of Bage, Webb and Hurley reach the southernmost point of their journey.

Possession of Queen Mary Land proclaimed 1912 – 25 December
Possession of Queen Mary Land was proclaimed by Frank Wild. Douglas Mawson wrote: "After dinner Wild raised the Union Jack and in my name took possession of the land for King George and the British Empire. A slip of paper advising the ceremony was sealed up in a bottle and buried in a crack amongst the rocks."

Second Antarctic cruise departs 1912 – 26 December
The second Antarctic cruise departs Hobart aboard the Aurora to relieve the expedition. Also on board were: J Waterschoot van der Gracht, an artist; James Davis, a whaling master to report on the types of whales sighted; S.N. Jeffreys, a wireless operator; and C.C. Eitel, who acted as secretary and purser.

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