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Historical timeline of AAE

Australasian Antarctic Expedition leaves Hobart 1911 – 02 December
At 4pm sharp, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition sails from Hobart aboard Aurora, bound for Macquarie Island and thence East Antarctica. Aurora carried fourteen members of the land parties to Macquarie Island.

SS Toroa departs Hobart 1911 – 05 December
The remaining members of Mawson's 1911 Australasian Antarctic Expedition leave Hobart aboard the SS Toroa for Macquarie Island.

Aurora departs Macquarie Island 1911 – 25 December
Aurora departs for Antarctica, after an AAE party had erected wireless masts and built a radio relay station on the Northern tip of Macquarie Island. This relay station would facilitate the first radio communication from Antarctica at Cape Denison. Five men under the leadership of George Ainsworth remain on Macquarie Island when Aurora leaves.

Aurora reaches Commonwealth Bay 1912 – 08 January
The Aurora reaches a wide bay that Mawson names Commonwealth Bay, and the expedition party lands at Cape Denison.

Aurora departs Commonwealth Bay to deploy the Western Party 1912 – 19 January
Aurora departs Commonwealth Bay to deploy the Western party led by Frank Wild

Huts at Cape Denison completed 1912 – 30 January
The huts at Cape Dension are completed

Aurora begins return journey to Hobart 1912 – 21 February
The Aurora departs for Hobart and a winter maritime research program in the Southern Ocean, after having disembarked the third AAE group – the Western Party led by Frank Wild – on the Shackleton Ice Shelf, 2410 kilometres from Commonwealth Bay.

Departure of southern reconnaissance journey 1912 – 13 March
Western base party: departure of southern reconnaissance journey, including Dovers, Harrisson, Hoadley, Jones, Moyes, and Wild.

First subantarctic cruise departs Sydney 1912 – 17 March
The first subantarctic cruise departs from Sydney. Includes Edgar Waite, Mr E J Haynes (taxidermist) and Mr Primmer (cinema operator).

Return of the southern reconnaissance journey 1912 – 06 April
Western base party: return of the southern reconnaissance journey of Dovers, Harrisson, Hoadley, Jones, Moyes and Wild.

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